Don’t let your first Tablet experience be a bad one

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.37.31 AMI saw it on the Internet just this morning!

Coby Kyros -4

7″ Tablet 4GB

Android 4.0 WiFi

just $49

Wow! What an amazing bargain. An android tablet running android 4.0 for just 50 bucks. Why would anybody pay for a tablet from Apple or Samsung when they can get one for just $50, right? Is this the shape of things to come, or is this just a big mistake waiting to happen?

Many times my father told me you get what you pay for. I’ve always felt it was that way when it came to purchasing computers. Purchasing on a machine and you’ll end up being sorry down the line. Or purchase a name brand machine and you’ll always be able to find support somewhere on the Internet either from the vendor or from other people with that machine type. When it comes the tablets, the story is exactly the same. I’ve talked to many people who have never had a tablet before and who have been thinking about purchasing a tablet. One of these people often ask me is are the jeep was just as good as the expensive ones? Well I can give you the answer. No! They’re not as good.

I feel strongly that the Apple iPad is the best tablet on the market. But that said, there are very good android tablets available also if that’s the choice and direction you want to head. But there are things you need to think about before you just purchased the odd inexpensive android tablet. First off, tablets from Samsung are good products. Even the models that are you’re too old are still very good devices that can download software applications and run them very well. Samsung, and android in general, are getting very good when it comes to interface use also. So what happened from Samsung, or one of the tables from Google are a good choice. Amazon is making some wonderful tablets also these days and they connect to Amazon’s own stores. But beyond that, you need to take a look at the specifications and the connectivity options.

Most low in tablets every slow processors and very small amount of memory. Many of them also have plastic covered screens that scratch very easily. When you buy one of these lowing tablets these features and up being very important to you after using the tablet for a short period of time. But probably the most important thing is that the tablet to purchase leads to be tied to one of the major software stores. If you’re purchasing an Apple tablet you obviously don’t have to worry about this but if you’re purchasing an android tablet you need to make absolutely sure that it connects to the Google play store or to the Amazon store, if it’s a Kindle fire. If you look at the specs for the tablet that I mentioned above you see things like:

16:9 Widescreen, 800 x 480 Resolution – (very low resolution by todays standards)

1.0 GHz Cortex A5 Processor – (Slow processor using a designation “A5” that makes it sound like faster one on the market)
1GB RAM ( for an Android tablet, this just is not enough to be usable in Android 4)

All of these items are much less than any of the competition makes available today. In fact, they are so much less than many applications will not even run on this new tablet she would purchase today. But here’s the more important spec that you need to check. If the android device talks about connecting to something other than Google’s play store you need to shy away. This particular tablet says the following:

Get access to thousands of applications from GetJar marketplace with plenty of games, social media, and productivity tools to meet your needs.

That single statement means that you may not have access to many of the things available from Google, Google stores, or android updates. That makes it a very poor choice, regardless of the cost. I’ve been asked to help people with their tablets many times and the towels in the being the small off brand versions. Basically what we generally find out is that these temples are not upgradable, they cannot perform functions that the user wants, and I cannot get software that they’re looking for.

So if you’re going down the android tablet path, make sure you purchase a good model tablet so that your first tablet experience won’t be a bad one.